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Classical Ballet is offered at all levels: Intro 1, Intro 2, Foundation, Pre- Division, Division 1,2 & 3, from 3yrs-Adult. We also offer Floor Barre and Repertoire.


Jazz Dance is a fast paced and energetic form of dance, which develops skills in strength, flexibility, technique and rhythm. It involves up-beat music and is offered at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, age 4-Adults.


Contemporary Dance is an expressive style of dance, influenced by many elements, such as: Modern, Lyrical, Jazz and of course, Ballet.

Street Dance

Street is a combination of Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz and Technique. This style is popular with children, teens and adults, as it covers many styles to upbeat funky music, creating feel good moves.


LDA Performance classes are strictly invitation only and focus on technique, tricks and skills. Students involved in these classes are expected to attend a certain amount of classes per week.

LDA Information

LDA is more than just an academy, we are a lifestyle and a home. We understand that dance training involves different training methods, adapting to each students strength, weakness and ability, allowing them to become the best dancer they can be and in a positive but hard-working environment.


Address : 56 Tanglin Road #02-01 Singapore 247964

Phone : +65 6235 3087

Email: lda@luminous.sg

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