Ballet Introduction 

Classes are  designed for young dancers as an introduction to experience dance in a fun, imaginative and creative atmosphere.  Focus would be to develop movement awareness and appreciation, musicality and motor skills.   Use of props such as scarves, tambourines and more will be integrated. Improvisation, creative movement and story ballets will be applied to the class.


Ballet Foundation

Designed to teach a beginning level ballet.



[NOTE: *Pointe training starts at age 10 once student has had at least two years of technique or dependent upon assessment and approval of the Instructor].

~Elementary.  Dancers  begin the elementary  level syllabus that focuses on basic classical ballet, contemporary techniques and terminology.


BALLET DIVISION 2 (Ages 11-13)

~**Intermediate.  Dancers progress to intermediate level syllabus that focuses on more complicated combinations in both ballet and contemporary  plus terminology and conditioning.


BALLET DIVISION 3 (Ages 14 & up)

~**Advanced.  Training accelerates.  Technical and artistic development in both ballet and contemporary are expected at a faster pace while education in ballet terminology and theory continue.

All classes will be treated in a professional manner and students will be encouraged to participate in all annual and outreach performances.



Classical barre/Adult beginners

Open Ballet for all levels.

Floor Barre. This exercise strengthens the body, lengthens the muscles and straightens body posture by practising barre techniques while sitting down or lying down on the floor. This workout allows you to practise barre work without overstraining your body.

Ballet Fitness.  A combination of Pilates, yoga and ballet.  This class is designed to build strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Classical Adult Technique classes.



Workout your body and get your cardio going while getting into funky dance moves, from turns, jumps to floorwork and shaking your booty!

This class starts with a stretch, yoga-like warm up and core work to prepare your body to dance. Then we take you step by step into a dance choreo and just groove with us!

Come, have fun, dance like no one is watching!!! 

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